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Just passed a group of bros in the parking lot. They were all wearing snapbacks and muscle shirts. As I passed I heard their conversation. The one bro was arguing, “Naw man, Dumbledore was a terrible caretaker, he literally sent kids into fucking death forest for detention. Messed up man.”

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The Raggedy Doctor

Why do I love the 11th doctor? 

is it the music from the seasons 5-7?

is it because hes goofy and sort of resembles an awkward giraffe?

Probably, yeah. 

The date was April 23rd, 2011.

Two of my friends had discussed Doctor Who in the past. I was a freshman in high school, and I was stubborn and wasn’t accustomed to starting new tv shows and obsessing over them quite yet (aside from the anime that I religiously watched in middle school).

Anyway, I noticed that the TV show Doctor Who was going to be airing its season premiere and I thought I would give it a go. The episode was The Impossible Astronaut, and about 20 minutes in I was texting everyone who had every mentioned it to me trying to figure out WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON. Of course, my friends had not kept up with Matt Smith, they had checked out when David Tennant had the season before last. I powered through the episode, and was left with a week’s wait until part two of the adventure would come out. So, in those 7 days, I went back and started with Matt’s first episode, and lived through the Pandorica and the romance of the Ponds and was instantly hooked. I waited every week for the new episode to come out, filling my DVR entirely with Doctor Who episodes.

I think what really reeled me into Doctor Who and Matt was his companion, Amelia Pond.

What a coincidence that I happen to have red hair and have the name Amelia. That’s what really got me, I could pretend that I was Amy, I was on these adventures and he was saying MY name. I loved watching every episode, living through it from the comfort of my tv room or computer screen (of course I wished I was actually living them out).

Every episode, every moment, meant something to me.

When Amy saves the Star Whale, that first hug after really determines the friendship.

The love of Rory and Amy, when Amy loses Rory to the crack

and later, he does, in fact, come back. When the Doctor is shot, and Amy is the first to run to him, to try and save him. The friendship between the characters really lived true in the actors, I can not thank them enough for everything they put into the show, their hearts and souls are in every episode.

Matt was my official first Doctor. Yes, I went back and watched Chris’ first episode with Rose, and watched every season of the revival in order after binge watching seasons 5 and the first half of 6, and I do love the other Doctors for many different reasons. I find its hard to compare them because they are such different people, different regenerations, and I love them all.

But Matt was my first, he was the reason I started watching in the first place, and for that he forever holds a place in my heart. And for that, I present to you all; my very first tattoo, in honor of my very first Doctor. This is to you Matt, because you’re my Raggedy Man.  



Keep seeing Harry Potter tattoos on my dash, figured I would upload a healed version of my HP hand tattoo. “I must not tell lies” I know, I’m a nerd.


Keep seeing Harry Potter tattoos on my dash, figured I would upload a healed version of my HP hand tattoo. “I must not tell lies” I know, I’m a nerd.